We believe in leading by example and strive to be enablers of positive change

As an organization built on passion, trust and integrity, we are committed to actively contributing to a better future for our employees, partners, stakeholders and the local community. This ethos underpins every step we take and is an integral part of our success as a firm.

We constantly seek opportunities to donate and contribute to youth and female empowerment along with the growth and prosperity of local organizations, committees and causes. Our latest initiatives include:

  • Donations to several local non-profits including Bahrain Women’s Society, Bahrain Olympic Committee and the Bahrain Football Association
  • Collaborating with Al-Ayam Newspaper to provide face masks and other necessities during the COVID-19 pandemic for those in need
  • Offering support to the national television channel (Bahrain TV) in several previously aired shows

We are also active within our field and seek investments in promising local start-ups that we believe will be the pioneers of the future. Most recently, we supported entrepreneurs taking part in the ‘Beban’ crowdfunding programme and invested in one of the participating start-ups.

For the near future, Dividend Gate Capital has decided to focus on the Education and Health sectors and is currently seeking opportunities for involvement and support accordingly.