Our overview & aspirations

Since our inception, we have always focused on being leaders in our standards of governance and our ethics. We are committed to the movement towards a greener; through both our internal procedures and our partnerships, we strive to continually embed our deep commitment to environmental welfare.

With global temperatures changing rapidly over the last decades, we deem it necessary to integrate processes and initiatives to help reduce the impact we have on our planet. By utilizing state of the art methodologies involving process digitalization, we are steadily integrating digital tools and procedures to improve our resource efficiency and reduce our footprint.

Dividend Gate Capital also aspires to partner with companies that are directly involved in sustainability and environmental reform. One such partnership is with Neutral Fuels, a UAE based cleantech firm producing 100% pure compliant biofuel from used cooking oil (a waste product) to provide a commercially viable replacement for the harmful fossil fuel used in diesel engines. We aim to uphold our commitment to a greener future and will continually explore investment opportunities that allow us to do so.