Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio consists of heavily diverse investment opportunities

Our portfolio consists of extensively varied investment vehicles, spanning myriad sectors where we continue to evolve and grow. In Healthcare, we focus on hospitals and clinics, as well as developing specialist treatments, which are continuously growing. The increase in general and specialist medicine and hospital developments make this sector primed and promising for investments.

The hospitality industry continues to present interesting opportunities to investors given the growth expectation in the coming years with broad range of retail, leisure, food, and hotel investment opportunities.

In Innovation, we aim to capitalize on the booming technological scene through investing alongside entrepreneurs focused on e-commerce and Fintech solutions.

Our Real Estate portfolio is continuously growing, with an extensive range of investment opportunities in the global real estate market with a focus on Europe and GCC region.

In Industrial & Trading sector, we are exploring various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and agriculture that demonstrate long-term demand with short-term market stability.