The Food District Company

Dividend Gate Capital’s Hospitality arm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Food District is a holding company established by Dividend Gate Capital and Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi & Sons Investment Company “Al-Rajhi Investment”. Its focus is on investing in the food and beverage sector through the acquisition and establishment of several restaurants throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. FDC aims to become a distinct holding company in this field and is supported by a range of contributors, including Khashoggi Holding Company, Al-Saedan Real Estate Company, Abdulrahman Al-Suhaim Real Estate Investment Company, Mohammed bin Ishaq Holding Company, and a group of businessmen from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

FDC’s purpose is to instigate value and drive innovation within the food and beverage sector. The company aims to expose brilliant concepts, expedite investment opportunities, and build strong careers. By operating at the intersection of purpose and profit, it seeks to create a sustainable impact in the industry.