Dividend Gate Capital ‘DGC’ unveils its new brand identity symbolizing the company's growth and innovation while staying true to its foundational values.

Manama – Dividend Gate Capital (DGC) announced the new corporate identity of the company as part of its ongoing efforts to unveil the company’s strategic vision and ambitious values.

Mr. Talal Al-Zain, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed his delight regarding the launch of the new brand identity, stating: : “DGC has successfully established a diverse investment portfolio and gained the trust of its partners. This achievement is a result of its continuous growth and effective implementation of its unique strategies”. He further explained “The new brand identity is designed to align clearly with this success and to strengthen business relationships locally and globally, and we will continue to develop and improve our operational, marketing, and technological systems”. Al-Zain further emphasized on the rapid development and leading position of DGC within and beyond the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Khaled Al-Hammadi, CEO of Dividend Gate Capital, stated: “The new identity marks a significant milestone in our ongoing journey of DGC, reinforcing our position and paving the way to execute our strategies to serve our projects and investments effectively.” He further added, “We eagerly look forward to executing all our investment projects and achieving our expansion goals, as we remain commitied to sustaining our position as one of the leading investment companies in both kingdoms.”.

Mr. Mohammed Nedham Khonji, Managing Director, stated, “The company has overcome significant challenges and market changes, resulting in innovative solutions, a diversified and extensive portfolio, and a strategic client base. Furthermore, the company has achieved significant revenue and growth. As we are on the threshold of a new phase of growth and regional expansion, it was necessary for us to have a refreshed identity that reflects these changes in the market and most importantly, the company itself. The new logo encapsulates our shared vision, values, and aspirations.”

DGC’s investment strategy is centered on strategic positioning within the GCC market, with a primary focus on Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Its diversified portfolio covers key sectors, including Hospitality, Healthcare, Real Estate, Industrial, and Innovation. By combining various market research and a deep understanding of the local business landscape, they aim to identify and capitalize on high-potential opportunities in these sectors.