Dividend Gate Capital Establishes "Sole Corp" in Bahrain to Operate SME’s in the Region

Manama: Dividend Gate Capital Group (“Dividend Gate Capital” or “the Group”) is pleased to announce the establishment of its wholly-owned subsidiary, “Sole Corp,” based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Sole Corp will focus on operating small and medium-sized projects within the region.

The decision to establish Sole Corp as a unified and independent company comes in response to the growing administrative and operational opportunities in the area. It aims to leverage the extensive expertise and efficiency possessed by Dividend Gate Capital by providing comprehensive administrative and advisory services. Sole Corp will serve as the administrative and operational arm for the Group’s subsidiary companies and its partners.

Sole Corp is poised to manage a diverse portfolio of companies with a total value of $20 million. These companies operate in various sectors, including hospitality, industrial and others, spanning across the Gulf and Asian regions.

Specializing in management solutions and investment services in hospitality, education, and industry, Sole Corp is dedicated to accelerating the growth and development of assets in the Gulf and global markets. In addition to managing investments owned by the Group and its partners, Sole Corp will offer a wide range of management, advisory, and investment services. The company also plans to obtain suitable licenses to engage in crowdfunding activities, with the aim of enhancing liquidity for the Group’s subsidiary companies and partners.