The Reality Impact Of COVID-19

The world is now facing a real crisis, the impact of Covid-19 on the industrial sector, the backbone of the global economy has affected many important economic sectors such as airlines, construction operations and tourism causing a decrease in operating rates.

Thus, during the same period, with great speed, there are successful experiences and models that can be borrowed in combating this pandemic and stopping the spread, which may positively reflect on the low economic crisis significantly.

My attention was drawn to a detailed report published by the American News Agency «UBI» that in the forefront of these models that have proven the effectiveness of the precautionary measures that make them in the face of the virus is the Kingdom of Bahrain and described by the World Health Organization as a model that other countries can benefit from because of the rapid results achieved and that It consisted in healing treatments for patients, to stop the spread of the disease. 

Strategic leadership assistance was provided by the team that was formed under the chairmanship of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Ministry of Interior, Industry, Education, Justice and Civil Defense, by applying safety measures and procedures. These measures included providing free of cost treatment and early detection by conducting randomized tests. The number of tests today reached 33,000, nearly 20% of the population of the Kingdom.


Among the measures that have made Bahrain a pioneer in facing this crisis is the launch of the mobile application “Be Aware” which reflects the government’s keenness to adapt all means and the optimal use of modern technology, and also promote the protection of the conscious community, which is positive interaction with the implementation of all precautionary measures and preventive measures to address the Corona virus and protect Society, maintaining public health and spreading reassurance among all members of society

In addition to the precautionary health measures, the Kingdom has taken a $ 11.4 Billion economic aid package to offset the impact of this pandemic on the lives of citizens, pay Bahraini salaries, and exempt electricity fees for all citizens and residents for a period of three months.

The government decided to increase the size of the liquidity fund to BHD 200 Million (USD 530 Million) and The Central Bank increased the lending capacity of banks by BHD 3.7 Billion (USD 9.80 Billion) to postpone customers installments and additional financing.

Many thanks and gratitude to the Kingdom of Bahrain, its political leadership, the Ministry of Health and its leaders, and the Corona Virus Control team, real efforts to confront these epidemiological regulations, that have killed hundreds of people and kept thousands in a preventive quarantine, and closed many institutions.

The report emphasized by saying that Bahrain’s experience of achieving the right direction and followed transparency, rapid movement and the exploitation of all possible sources gives valuable lessons to the world and countries that seek to combat the emerging and rapidly spreading virus.