Dividend Gate Capital injects $10 Million in SME’s in first year

Dividend Gate Capital (DGC) one of Bahrain’s leading private equity firm’s has injected $10 Million in GCC SME’s.

Within the first 6 months of being fully operational DGC had invested $4million in Bahrain SME’s . “ We are confident in the future growth of SME’s in the market and committed a further $6million in the second half of 2018 across the GCC “ says DGC co-founder and CEO, Khaled Al Hammadi.

Commenting on the firm’s first year Mr Al Hammadi says “The mission of DGC is to be an essential foundation stone in the financial support ecosystem in the GCC for SME’s. Our aspirations for our stakeholders is to create competitive businesses. We have in our first year invested to grow and nurture Bahrain and the GCC’s small and medium sized companies. Our investment split has been concentrated 70% into Bahrain’s economy through a number of SME’s.”

The investment has been placed into 4 key economic areas, namely Hospitality, Industrial, Maintenance and Beauty.

The DGC vision and mission has won many admirers from the Equity sector. This growing reputation has helped in attracting a high profile board of directors and investors who are firmly behind the philosophy of the founding partners Mohamed Khonji and Khaled Al Hammadi.

“DGC’s equity platform targets the creation of opportunities for businesses operating in key economic growth sectors such as hospitality, beauty, construction, industrial, e-commerce and financial technology. Our distinctive approach aims to build growth in these sectors for the equity group as well as the companies that we are working with. “ adds Mr Al Hammadi.

The plans for DGC in 2019 look equally ambitious with targets of increased funding in SME’s and guarantees of 70% of the fund to be focused in Bahrain. “DGC will be increasing the vital investment required by Bahrain’s SMES. In 2019 it will be our aim to take our stakeholder’s from national brands to regional and global markets “ concludes Al Hammadi