Talal Al Zain announces impressive results for DGC’s investments

Manama, Apr. 22 (BNA): Dividend Gate Capital (DGC), a Bahrain based private equity firm headquartered in Bahrain Financial Harbor, has succeeded in sustaining its distinctive strategic approach; working alongside several companies under its expanding portfolio and strengthening its position within markets through initiating strategic partnerships with well-known entities; contributing to the growth of key economic sectors.

The Company’s strategy has demonstrated progress in leveraging DGC’s intellectual and financial capital, stimulating growth in multi-sector companies located within the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as the greater GCC area. During DGC’s Ordinary General Assembly and Extraordinary General Assembly, held for the period of 16 months, DGC announced distribution of dividends more than 50%.

To achieve its investment objectives, DGC continues to pursue its investment objectives of acquiring businesses with concentrated exposure to specific industry groups. The Company’s private equity fund is well-diversified, encompassing a substantial portfolio of companies operating across various sectors including hospitality, healthcare, maintenance and construction. To date, DGC has successfully acquired several institutions, including Fareeq Bin Aqool, Hong Kong Restaurant and Tea Lounge, Tikka & Kabab Amin, Gulf International Cooking Academy (GICA), CIMS and Driver Car Care. The Company’s portfolio also includes Shine Beauty Lounge in Saar, “Sprii” the Dubai-based e-shopping mall, and the innovative mobile application COFE.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Talal Al Zain, the Chairman of DGC, said, “We strive to provide our partners at DGC with investment opportunities to accommodate the growing trend of seeking defensive investment funds, given their tendency to deliver a better performance.”

“Our experienced Board of Directors benefit from an extensive wealth of in-depth expertise that bring insights to compliment the energetic and driven team at DGC, which are selective in their business acquisitions and investment strategies aimed to enhance the Company’s portfolio and maximise growth potential. We are confident in our ability to add value to the Kingdom’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) ecosystem in line with the Economic Vision 2030,” he added.

Mr. Khaled Al Hammadi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DGC, revealed, “We shall continue to work alongside established projects, businesses, and SMEs on a local and regional level, offering them management support as well as advising on best industry practices to lead to the growth of their capital. Our focus has remained on projects that are scalable, to ensure their future success is achieved in a sustainable manner by providing them with a rich portfolio of services ranging from accounting and Human Resources management to marketing advisory.”