"Hidden Stations", The first Cloud Kitchen in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Manama – Hidden Stations is the first cloud kitchen in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the concept of the business model comes in response to the rapid growth of ordering food online.

The idea behind cloud kitchens is to serve customers through delivery service only without offering dine-in area. The concept allows a group of restaurants and brands to serve their meals through one centralized kitchen capitalizing on the technology available in the market today to achieve maximum efficiency. Hidden Stations offers a fully integrated kitchen space for restaurants that are interested in renting the available spaces whereas the upper floor kitchen prepares meals ingredients to facilitate the meal preparation service for the restaurants renting on the bottom floor.

Esraa Farazi, Assistant Marketing Manager at Dividend Gate Capital, said, “Hidden Stations also contributes in increasing business effectiveness and efficiency and improving revenues and profits according to statistics by up to ten percent by operating multiple brands under one roof with a united technology platform, and a delivery fleet.”

Uday Mukandan, Assistant Vice President of Operations, added, ” Hidden Stations provides a large working space for many restaurant companies in the same location, preparing the infrastructure and renting a certain space for each restaurant. Cloud kitchens reduces labor and rent costs and covers wider areas to provide food delivery.”

According to Euromonitor data, the global cloud kitchen market is estimated at a trillion dollars, and annual sales of these kitchens amounted to 300 million dollars, with expectations of an annual increase of 25% until 2025.

It is noteworthy that Dividend Gate Capital Group the pioneer investment firm and its partners, have invested $2 million in the “Cloud Kitchens” project, thus becoming the first company in Bahrain to establish this type of innovative projects. The group also aims to establish three centers over the next two years.